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This list gives a flavour of the topics that I can cover. I will always meet with the client first, and where possible, the potential delegates, to ensure that the training is specific to their needs.

All the courses I run are very practical in nature with delegates being given the opportunity to practise the skills covered on the course. Delegates are always given individual feedback and leave each course with a personal action plan.

Often clients will opt for a longer, modular programme such as Personal or Management Development. These programmes will often include one-to-one coaching.

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A selection of workshops

Number 1

Interpersonal Skills & Assertiveness

The two day workshop is designed to improve delegates' interactions with others. It looks at how people relate to each other and delegates learn skills to improve their interpersonal relationships. Skills covered include: listening, constructive confrontation, showing appreciation and mutual problem solving. Assertiveness training gives delegates the necessary skills to appear more decisive and confident and in turn become more decisive and confident!

Number 2


This one day workshop is designed for people who need to work as part of a team. It look at what constitutes an effective team, identifies team roles and introduces the diverse skills needed.

Number 3

Leading a Team

This one or two day workshop is designed for team leaders. Participants learn about themselves and their existing team members and discover the skills and techniques needed to be successful.

Number 4

Selection Interviewing

This one or two day workshop is designed to develop interviewing skills using competency based questioning techniques.The programme covers all the skills and techniques required to prepare for and conduct an interview and assess the candidates against competencies.

Number 5

Conducting Performance Appraisals

This one day workshop provides participants with the necessary skills to carry out an effective performance appraisal and development review. It can be preceded by a workshop to design and plan the implementation of a new appraisal system.

Number 6

Presentation Skills

This two day workshop is designed for anyone who is required to give presentations to groups. It covers the planning and execution of a presentation, use of visual aids and all the techniques of an effective presentation.

Number 7

Customer Care

This one day workshop explores the important roles staff play in building and maintaining customer loyalty. It covers how to present a professional image, how to communicate effectively and handling customer complaints.

Number 8

Employability Skills/New Employment

This one day workshop is tailored specifically for the target group which could be e.g. new graduates, staff facing redundancy, people re-entering the job market etc. . It covers producing the best CV, job hunting strategies including networking and preparation for and performance at interviews.

Number 9

Effective Time Management

This one day workshop is designed for anyone who is responsible for their own time and helps them to use this time more effectively. In particular it covers; priorities, identifying time-wasters, managing meetings, effective use of the telephone, email and calendars, maintaining a clear desk and minimizing paperwork.

Number 10

Training Skills

This two or three day programme provides the basic skills required by an in-house trainer. As well as presentation skills it covers facilitation skills including questioning, listening and discussion leading.

Number 11

Leading and Managing Change

This one day workshop is designed to help managers lead and support their teams through periods of change. By exploring strategies and developing skills, participants leave with a practical action plan that will improve their confidence and effectiveness. Areas of exploration will include key stages of change, managing different reactions, communication strategies, morale and engagement.

Number 12

Achieving a Work Life Balance

This one day workshop enables participants to assess their current work life balance and set targets for improvement. It includes numerous tips and techniques on time and task management both at home and at work as well as enabling the participants to improve assertiveness techniques.

Number 13

Presenting a Positive and Professional Image

This one or two day workshop examines the factors which create an image, and looks at the importance of first impressions. Delegates learn how to use their body language, clothes and appearance, voice and words to project a positive and professional image.