Modular Programmes

Sara Smith - Coach & Trainer

To facilitate long term development of individuals, I often work with clients to design modular programmes.

These programmes last between six and twelve months and comprise a mixture of workshops and individual coaching.

Workshops are typically designed to align with company objectives and competencies. The coaching, that takes place between the workshops, ensures that delegates can put their learning into practice by focussing on their individual needs and objectives.

As an accredited CMI (Chartered Management Institute) tutor, these programmes can also lead to qualifications. For more information visit the CMI website.

Example Programmes

Management Development Programmes

Click here to view the Management Competencies Development Programme PDF1) Management Competencies Development Programme.

This programme was designed following the introduction of management competencies by the organisation. Managers were assessed against their competencies and then attended the relevant modules. The result was that each manager had a personalised plan of training and coaching.

Click here to view the Middle Management Development Programme PDF 2) Middle Management Development Programme

This programme was designed for the middle managers of an organisation in which the senior team wanted to "Raise the Game" of their managers. As well as improving their skills, they wanted them to play a more active role in the wider organisation and provide input into its strategic plan.

Other Development Programmes

Click here to view the Team Leader Competencies Development Programme PDFTeam Leader Competencies Development Programme

The example detailed here was designed for a group of team leaders all newly appointed to their roles. They had little or no team leading experience. The company had introduced Team Leader competencies and the purpose of this programme was to provide the vehicle for the trainees to develop these competencies and raise their confidence in their new roles.

Click here to view the Personal Development Programme PDFPersonal Development Programme

The example detailed here was designed for an organisation keen to develop staff identified as having potential. The programme is delivered annually and it is considered highly prestigious to be invited to attend. Junior members of staff are given the opportunity to develop skills needed for more senior roles. This is done by a combination of training and coaching. Whilst no guarantee of progression is given, a large proportion of attendees have been successful in gaining more senior roles.