Sara Smith - Coach & Trainer

I hold the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring and am a full member of the Association for Coaching, The Association for Coaching has a comprehensive code of ethics and good practice.

I offer a wide range of coaching services. My style will range from being quite directive to non-directive depending on both the objectives of the sponsor and coachee and the personality of the individual.

Coaching as an integral part of a modular development programme

With a modular development programme, group objectives are set for each workshop. Individual coaching between workshops ensures that delegates can put into practice their action plans and address any individual issues.

Coaching as a result of 360º appraisal

Often individuals can be shocked by the results of 360º feedback. Coaching is a highly successful way to help them explore the feedback, the reasons for it and set objectives for behavioural change. Continued coaching then facilitates these behavioural changes. As a licensed user of the Verax Personal Effectiveness Profile (PEP), I am often asked to use this as a vehicle for coaching.

A case study can be read that gives an example of one coaching intervention.

Click here to read my diary of Paul's coachingClick here to read my diary of Paul's coaching

Coaching for specific performance improvement

Often I am asked to coach someone where one aspect of their performance is causing a problem eg

  • Poor time management
  • Lack of listening skills
  • An aggressive style

On these occasions, I will often supplement the coaching with one-to-one training sessions to enhance skills or introduce new techniques.

Outplacement Coaching

I provide a wide range of outplacement services to both companies and Individuals. These services include CV writing, job hunting strategy and successful Interviews.

Click here for details of Outplacement ServicesClick here for details of Outplacement Services

I have an enviable record of success coaching people for specific interviews.

Click here to download the Interviewee Coaching ProcessClick here to download the Interviewee Coaching Process

Personal coaching to improve confidence and self esteem

Although I run many courses that are effective in raising confidence and self-esteem; sometimes a group environment is not an ideal for an individual. Personal coaching, in these situations can produce truly outstanding results.