Communication Skills, Management Development, Personal Development

Sara Smith - Coach & TrainerSara Smith - Coach & TrainerSara Smith - Coach & Trainer

I have been a successful consultant for over 20 years designing and delivering training and coaching solutions at all levels within numerous, varied businesses.

I am a founder member of The Business Collective. We are a group of like-minded, ethical and socially responsible people from businesses, charities and the public sector.

My distinctive and engaging voice has broadened my offering to include voiceover work.

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Philosophy on People:

"People are different, full stop! If we make assumptions about people's personality and behaviour based on profession, job role, seniority etc. we will almost certainly be proved wrong. A group of accountants is likely to display as wide a range of behaviour and personality traits as a team of shop floor production workers or a board of directors."

Philosophy on Training:

"I want delegates to enjoy any course that they attend and to learn something. However, if that is all that happens, the training has been a waste of time and money! The success of any training is what the delegates do differently after the event. All my events are lively, practical and linked to business goals. Participants always leave with an action plan."

Philosophy on Coaching:

"Since I passionately believe that individuals are different, it's hard to sum up my philosophy on coaching. Suffice to say that it's all about the coachee, agreeing goals with them and working in a style that suits them."

"Coaching is an opportunity for individuals to explore and challenge themselves and their perceptions, to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and implement plans and behavioural changes to reach their full potential. I will often use a psychometric instrument or the results of a 360ยบ feedback tool to facilitate the coaching."

Philosophy on Business:

"Practising what I preach is essential to the way I do business. All clients will be different with different needs and company cultures. After exploring these, I will propose an appropriate intervention that may be training, coaching or a mixture of both."

A lot of my work concentrates on the long term development of individuals. I may be working with a group of managers over a year and provide a mixture of group sessions and individual coaching.

Significant assignments have included:

  • Coaching Programme for Managers and Team Leaders
  • Design and Introduction of Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Modular Management and Personal Development Programmes
  • Outplacement Workshops and Coaching
  • Company-wide Team Building Workshops
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Leadership, Management and Supervisory Courses
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Confidence, Self-Esteem and Personal Growth
  • Leading and Managing Change Programmes

Clients have included: